Washing Machine GMW-850

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General Specifications
  • Brand, GM Home Appliances
  • Capacity 9 kg
  • Function Type, Semi-Automatic
  • Loading Type, Top Loading
  • Model Name, GMW-850
  • Color Options, White, Black
  • Warranty, 2 Years
  • Power Consumption, 400-500 Watts
  • Material Simi Pure ABS
  • Features, Single Tub Double plie
  • aximum Spin Speed, 1200 rpm
  • Part Type, Timer System
Operational Specifications
  • Specification Details
  • Wash Timer, 15 minutes
  • Water Level Selection Manual
  • Weight, 19 kg
  • Spin Motor Power Input, 140W
  • Castor Wheels, 4
  • Water Inlet, Yes
  • Type of Water Select, Manual
  • Position of Water Inlet, Top

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About Washing Machine GMW-850

Washing Machine GMW-850 Specifications

GM Home Appliances presents the GMW-850, a semi-automatic washing machine designed to cater to diverse household laundry needs.

With a commitment to excellence and user convenience, GM Home Appliances crafted the GMW-850 to meet the demands of modern households.

Offering a balance between reliability, functionality, and affordability, the GMW-850 is the perfect solution for all laundry requirements.

Washing Machine GMW-850 Specifications

GM Home Appliances strikes a balance between affordability and convenience with its range of washing machines, offering manual control over the washing process to suit various laundry needs.

2. Washing Machine GMW-850: A Trusted Choice

GM, a renowned brand in the realm of home appliances, presents the GMW-850, a semi-automatic washing machine designed to cater to diverse household laundry requirements.

3. Benefits of the GMW-850 Washing Machine

The GMW-850 offers several benefits, including cost-effectiveness, water efficiency, and the flexibility to control washing cycles according to specific preferences.

4. Overview of Washing Machine Models

The GMW-850, available in white and black color options, boasts a generous capacity of 9kg, making it ideal for medium to large-sized families.

5. Key Features

Constructed with durable Simi Pure ABS material, the GMW-850 is equipped with essential features such as a single tub design and a timer system for customized wash cycles.

8. How to Use the GMW-850

Operating the GMW-850 is simple: load clothes from the top, select the desired wash timer (up to 15 minutes), and manually adjust the water level. Castor wheels ensure easy mobility, and the top-positioned water inlet enhances accessibility.

9. Tips for Optimal Performance

To maximize the GMW-850’s performance, users should ensure proper loading, use the correct detergent amount, and regularly clean machine components.

Selecting appropriate water levels and wash timer settings also contributes to better cleaning outcomes.

10. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Rave reviews and glowing testimonials speak volumes about the GMW-850’s superior performance and reliability.

Discover why satisfied customers are singing praises about the GMW-850’s efficiency and durability.

11. Comparisons with Other Brands

When it comes to washing machines, GM Home Appliances outshines local competitors with its unbeatable quality and exceptional features.

12. Conclusion and Recommendation

In conclusion, the GMW-850 semi-automatic washing machine delivers reliable performance and convenience for everyday laundry needs.

With its durable build, user-friendly features, and efficient operation, it’s an excellent investment for households seeking a dependable washing solution.

13. Helping Consumers Make Informed Decisions

This structured article provides comprehensive information about the GMW-850 washing machine, empowering readers to make informed decisions when considering a purchase.


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