Washing Machine GMW-730

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General Specifications
  • Brand, GM Home Appliances
  • Capacity 8-9 kg
  • Function Type, Semi-Automatic
  • Loading Type, Top Loading
  • Model Name, GMW-730
  • Color Options, White, Black
  • Warranty, 2 Years
  • Power Consumption, 170-250 Watts
  • Material Simi Pure ABS
  • Features, Single Tub Double plie
  • Maximum Spin Speed, 1200 rpm
  • Part Type, Timer System
Operational Specifications
  1. Specification Details
  2. Wash Timer 15 minutes
  3. Water Level Selection Manual
  4. Weight, 19 kg
  5. Spin Motor Power Input, 140W
  6. Castor Wheels, 4
  7. Water Inlet, Yes
  8. Type of Water Select, Manual
  9. Position of Water Inlet, Top

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  • Introduction: GMW-730 by GM Home Appliances offers affordability and convenience with manual control over washing processes.
  • Benefits: Cost-effective, water-efficient, and flexible washing cycles.
  • Overview: Capacity of 9kg, available in white and black colors.
  • Key Features: Durable Simi Pure ABS material, single tub design, timer system.
  • General Specifications: Brand: GM Home Appliances, Capacity: 9 kg, Function Type: Semi-Automatic, Loading Type: Top Loading, etc.
  • Operational Specifications: Wash Timer: 15 minutes, Water Level Selection: Manual, etc.
  • How to Use: Load clothes, set wash timer, adjust water level manually.
  • Tips for Optimal Performance: Proper loading, correct detergent amount, regular cleaning.
  • Customer Reviews: Praised for efficiency, durability, and ease of use.
  • Comparisons: Stands out for robust construction, ample capacity, and competitive pricing.
  • Conclusion: Reliable performance and convenience for everyday laundry needs.
  • Recommendation: A dependable washing solution for households seeking efficiency.


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