Washing Machine GMW-720 Compact Size

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General Specifications

  • Brand, GM Home Appliances
  • Capacity 7-8 kg
  • Function Type, Semi-Automatic
  • Loading Type, Top Loading
  • Model Name, GMW-720
  • Color Options, White, Black
  • Warranty, 2 Years
  • Power Consumption, 170-250 Watts
  • Material Simi Pure ABS
  • Features, Single Tub
  • Maximum Spin Speed 1200 rpm
  • Part Type, Timer System

Operational Specifications

  • Specification Details
  • Wash Timer 15 minutes
  • Water Level Selection Manual
  • Weight, 17 kg
  • Spin Motor Power Input, 140W
  • Castor Wheels, 4
  • Water Inlet, Yes
  • Type of Water Select, Manual
  • Position of Water Inlet, Top

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Washing Machine GMW-720 Overview

Washing Machine GMW-720

In the realm of home appliances, a reliable washing machine can significantly simplify the laundry routine.

The GMW-720, manufactured by GM Home Appliances, emerges as a versatile and efficient semi-automatic washing machine. It offers a capacity of 7-8 kg, top-loading configuration, and user-friendly features.

Design and Build Quality

Crafted with Simi Pure ABS material, the GMW-720 exemplifies durability and reliability.

Its compact size and ergonomic design ensure optimal space utilization while offering ease of access during laundry tasks. The inclusion of four castor wheels enhances mobility and maneuverability.

Performance and Functionality

The GMW-720 delivers commendable performance, aided by its robust construction and user-friendly features.

With a maximum spin speed of 1200 rpm, it effectively removes dirt and stains, ensuring thorough cleaning of garments.

The single tub design simplifies the washing process, allowing seamless transitions between washing and spinning cycles.

Advanced Features

Equipped with a timer system, the GMW-720 offers flexibility in selecting wash durations to suit individual preferences.

The manual water level selection enables users to adjust water levels based on the load size, promoting water efficiency and optimal cleaning results.

Washing Machine GMW-720 Specifications

User Experience and Customer Feedback

With a respectable rating of 4.7 stars on the Daraz Online Store, the GMW-720 has garnered positive feedback from satisfied customers.

Users appreciate its reliability, efficient performance, and user-friendly operation.


In conclusion, the GMW-720 washing machine by GM Home Appliances emerges as a dependable and efficient solution for household laundry needs.

With its durable construction, versatile features, and excellent performance, it offers exceptional value for discerning consumers seeking a reliable washing machine.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the GMW-720 washing machine by GM Home Appliances today! Visit our Daraz Store or authorized retailers to learn more and make a purchase.


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