Washing Machine GMW-950 Black white 

Washing Machine GMW-950

GM Washing Machine GMW-950

Washing Machine GMW-950 Black white 

The GM Washing Machine GMW-950 offers a superb laundry experience with its cutting-edge features. The Ultra-Force pulsator and Dynamic Wash drum work in harmony, providing a robust defense against tough stains while treating fabrics delicately.

The strategically designed ridges on the Ultra-Force pulsator generate optimal water movement within the wash drum, ensuring an efficient spread of detergent for a powerful wash.

In the realm of household appliances, a reliable washing machine is often deemed indispensable. Among the plethora of options available, the GMW-950 by GM Home Appliances stands out as a versatile and efficient semi-automatic washing machine.

In this comprehensive review, we delve into the features, performance, and overall value proposition of the GMW-950 to help you make an informed decision.

Overview of the GMW-950 Washing Machine

The GMW-950 boasts a generous capacity of 10 kg, making it suitable for households with varying laundry needs. This semi-automatic washing machine features a convenient top-loading design, providing ease of access while loading and unloading clothes

Design And Quality

Crafted with Simi Pure ABS material, the GMW-950 exhibits durability and sturdiness. Its compact size ensures efficient use of space while the sleek design adds a touch of elegance to any laundry area.

Equipped with four castor wheels, this washing machine offers mobility and ease of relocation as needed.

Performanc And Functionality

The GMW-950 delivers commendable performance coupled with user-friendly functionality. With a maximum spin speed of 1200 rpm, it effectively removes dirt and stains, ensuring thorough cleaning of garments.

The single tub design simplifies the washing process, allowing users to effortlessly switch between washing and spinning cycles.

Washing Machine GMW-950

Advance Features

This washing machine is equipped with a timer system, offering flexibility and convenience in selecting wash durations.

The manual water level selection enables users to adjust water levels according to the load size, optimizing water efficiency. Additionally, the inclusion of a water inlet at the top facilitates easy refilling of water during wash cycles.

Brand Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive 2-year warranty from GM, ensuring long-term reliability and support for your washing machine.

Washing Capacity

The washing machine boasts a generous 10 KG washing capacity, providing ample space to handle larger loads efficiently, perfect for families or heavy laundry needs.

Powerful Motor

Equipped with a robust motor, the washing machine guarantees effective and consistent performance, ensuring that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned with each cycle.

Full Plastic Body

The washing machine features a full plastic body, marrying durability with a modern design, offering a sleek and sturdy construction that enhances its aesthetic appeal.

Rust Proof

Designed with materials to resist rust, the washing machine’s construction contributes to its longevity, making it more resistant to wear and tear over time.

Shock Proof

Built with safety in mind, the washing machine offers a shock-proof design, prioritizing user protection to ensure a secure and reliable laundry experience.

Energy Efficiency Guaranteed

The washing machine promises energy efficiency, helping you save on utility costs while minimizing its environmental impact.

RPM 1400

With a high revolutions per minute (1400 RPM), the washing machine ensures faster and more efficient washing, reducing overall laundry time.

Durable Motor

The washing machine incorporates a durable motor, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable performance for consistent washing results.

Energy Saving

Featuring energy-saving features, the washing machine promotes an eco-friendly operation, aligning with modern sustainability standards.

Low Noise Design

Enjoy a quieter laundry experience with a low-noise design, minimizing disruptions and providing a more comfortable environment.

2 Years Warranty

Backed by a 2-year warranty, the washing machine offers extended protection, demonstrating the manufacturer’s confidence in its durability and performance.

Inlets for Save Time & Water

The washing machine is equipped with efficient inlets designed to save both time and water during each wash cycle, promoting convenience and resource conservation.

Easy to Use

With a user-friendly design, the washing machine ensures easy operation, making laundry hassle-free and accessible for all users.

Big Size Drum

The spacious drum accommodates larger loads, catering to your laundry needs and providing flexibility for various types of fabrics and wash requirements.

Technical Specifications

Here are the specifications divided into two separate charts.

Washing Machine GMW-950

1: General Specifications

BrandGM Home Appliances
Capacity10 kg
Function TypeSemi-Automatic
Loading TypeTop Loading
Model NameGMW-950
Color OptionsWhite, Black
Warranty2 Years
Power Consumption170-250 Watts
MaterialSimi Pure ABS
SizeH 42 inches × W 21 inches × L 21 inches
FeaturesSingle Tub
Maximum Spin Speed1400 rpm
Part TypeTimer System
Rating on Daraz4.9 Stars

2: Operational Specifications

Wash Timer15 minutes
Water Level SelectionManual
Weight22.8 kg
Position of Water InletTop
Spin Motor Power Input140W
Castor Wheels4
Water InletYes
Type of Water SelectManual

These two charts provide a clearer separation of the general specifications and operational specifications of the GMW-950 washing machine.

User Experience and Customer Feedback

With an impressive rating of 4.9 stars on Daraz Online Store, the GMW-950 has garnered positive feedback from satisfied customers. Users appreciate its superb cleaning performance, ease of operation, and value for money.


In conclusion, the GMW-950 washing machine by GM Home Appliances stands as a reliable and efficient solution for your laundry needs. With its robust build, versatile features, and excellent performance, it offers exceptional value for households seeking a dependable washing machine.

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Experience the convenience and efficiency of the GMW-950 washing machine by GM Home Appliances today! Visit our website or authorized retailers to learn more and make a purchase.

By providing a detailed review of the GMW-950 washing machine, we aim to assist consumers in making informed decisions when investing in a reliable household appliance.

How To Use Washing Machine GMW-950

Certainly! Here’s a condensed explanation of how a washing machine cleans clothes.

Preparation and Soaking

The cleaning process starts with the washing machine being filled with water, adjusted according to the load size and settings.

Detergent is then added to help break down dirt, stains, and grease on the clothes. The agitator or impeller inside the drum moves the clothes around, allowing the detergent and water to penetrate the fabric fibers and loosen dirt. This soaking period ensures that the detergent can effectively work on the stains and grime.

Agitation and Rinsing

Once the soaking phase is complete, the washing machine enters the agitation cycle. During this phase, the drum spins and moves the clothes vigorously, further loosening dirt and distributing detergent evenly.

After agitation, the machine drains the soapy water and refills the drum with clean water for rinsing. The clothes are then submerged in clean water and agitated again to remove any remaining detergent residue.

This rinsing process helps ensure that the clothes are thoroughly cleaned and free of detergent.

Spinning and Drainage

Following rinsing, the washing machine enters the spin cycle. The drum spins rapidly, using centrifugal force to extract excess water from the clothes.

The drained water is then expelled through the drainage pipe or hose, leaving the clothes damp but significantly less wet.

Some machines may have an additional spin cycle to further extract water. Once the final spin is complete, the washing machine signals the end of the cycle, and the clothes can be removed for air-drying or placed in a dryer.

This combination of water, detergent, agitation, rinsing, spinning, and drainage ensures that clothes come out of the washing machine fresh, clean, and ready to wear.

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